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Be Prepared for Hackers at Your Garage Door

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With the introduction of new technology that is meant to make our lives easier and simpler comes new complications, not to mention risks. While films sometimes exaggerate incidents of hacking, hackers do exist and hacking websites is not all they can do. Just as our homes become more advanced, so do criminals. It’s understood by most people that even simple and safe technology has its weaknesses. This includes garage door…

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Garage Door Falling

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Your garage door is heavy and you do not want to be under it when it descends. Though your garage door is supposed to fall, it is supposed to do so in a controlled manner. Whether sudden or gradual, a garage door that falls too fast is a dangerous thing. Falling Doors and Accidents Garage door accidents often happen this way. Cables and springs break, and the door comes crashing…

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Common Questions for Your Garage Door Professional

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Whether you need repairs, a check-up, or you need new garage doors, a professional is the best person to call. Experience helps ensure that you will have quality, lasting results. Of course, if you don’t yet have someone to perform this work, you have the task of finding the right people for the job. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking a potential garage door professional. How…

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Common Garage Door Mistakes

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In order for garage doors to function and be reliable, they must be built well, made of durable materials, and they must get proper care. We’re only human, however, and we make mistakes. So, when it comes to your garage doors, avoid these common missteps. Waiting Years for Maintenance There are plenty of reasons to avoid checking your garage, having a professional check it, and performing routine maintenance. You may…

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If Your Garage Door is Stuck

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It can be a very frustrating thing—you come home and press the button, but your garage door doesn’t open. You press again and still nothing. You press more fervently out of frustration, but you get nowhere. The problem is more than not being able to get into the garage. Your car may be at risk of theft, left out in the elements, and there may be things you cannot get…

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Update Your Garage Door for the New Year

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A new year is coming and we all want a fresh start. As you consider what parts of your life need upgrading, think about your garage doors. If they’re aging and could use an update, there are plenty of new and classic ways to do so. Also, even if the change isn’t necessary, you may find that some new technology makes the updates worth it, anyway. A New Look Of…

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Garage Door Maintenance

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Your garage door is important; you use it every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Installing and repairing these doors are often not cheap for many, and so it’s essential to keep an eye on them and maintain them. Before you call a professional, try a few tips to care for and preserve your garage doors. Listen Obviously, sound is one of the first things you may notice when your…

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Dependable Garage Doors

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So, it’s time to install a new garage door; perhaps you’re renovating your home, or your current doors are not functioning. Whatever the reason, you must choose the best option for your home out of the mass available to you. You want it to look attractive, have it suit your house’s overall appearance, and, most importantly, be strong and reliable. Most garage doors can be made to suit your style, but…

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Do You Need Emergency Repair Service for Your Garage Door?

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Garage doors are used in both residential and commercial properties, and they can provide a protective barrier to keep people away from valuable vehicles or equipment. Unfortunately, problems can develop with garage doors sometimes. Issues can include doors that do not open or close correctly, doors that cannot be secured, and doors with failing equipment. Whether in a residential or a commercial space, you cannot afford to have garage doors…

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3 Reasons a Garage Door Replacement is a Good Investment

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Thinking about upgrading your garage door? A new garage door is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Here’s why: Excellent ROI—According to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, a garage door replacement is the 4th best home improvement a homeowner can make from an investment standpoint. When replacing your garage door, you can expect to recoup 83.7% of the cost. That’s a better return than…

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