Be Prepared for Hackers at Your Garage Door

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Residential Garage Doors PAWith the introduction of new technology that is meant to make our lives easier and simpler comes new complications, not to mention risks. While films sometimes exaggerate incidents of hacking, hackers do exist and hacking websites is not all they can do. Just as our homes become more advanced, so do criminals.

It’s understood by most people that even simple and safe technology has its weaknesses. This includes garage door openers. The best way to prevent attacks via the technology of your home is to understand that technology isn’t perfect, and then to gain some knowledge of how it works and what to do when it fails, and how to keep it secure.

How it Happens

Most electronic garage doors are hacked by brute force attacks—a trial-and-error method of hacking that involves programs attempting to predict, and decrypt passcodes over and over until they’re successful. That is why manufacturers of any program recommend changing passcodes frequently; if left too long, even a good password may still be hack with enough time for brute force attacks.

When you understand this, you can learn to create better passwords that are still memorable, and change them regularly. Or, you can get a rolling code remote for your door. These remotes change the door’s code every time they’re used on the door. This makes it far less likely that a hacker will be able to guess a code or manage a brute force attack. Of course, there are also ways around these rolling codes. So, it’s still best to consult your garage door and remote specialists to understand how to protect yourself.

For your garage door concerns, trust us at Abstract Overhead Door and Fence. We can help you choose, install, and repair your secure garage doors. You, too, can learn to protect yourself from hackers in this information age.



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