Garage Door Falling

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overhead door companyYour garage door is heavy and you do not want to be under it when it descends. Though your garage door is supposed to fall, it is supposed to do so in a controlled manner. Whether sudden or gradual, a garage door that falls too fast is a dangerous thing.

Falling Doors and Accidents

Garage door accidents often happen this way. Cables and springs break, and the door comes crashing down. This is why it is important not to try and walk, or run under a descending door; this could happen too suddenly to avoid an incident. Should your door start falling to quickly, or should it come crashing down, do not try and fix it yourself.

A falling garage door could cause a number of injuries. You or someone about whom you care could end up with cuts, broken bones, a concussion, and in extreme cases, the fall could be deadly. Only a professional should try to operate or repair a door that is showing signs of a problem like falling too fast. Someone without the professional knowledge may only aggravate the problem.

In the case that the change is speed is gradual, stop using the garage door; park your car outside temporarily. Call a professional immediately to come evaluate the problem and fix it. Prior to the professional’s arrival, you can examine the situation and get some idea of what may have caused the issue. However, do not try and operate the door, and do not move it in any way. Observe the door when it is stationary, only. If it is open, do not stand under it, or too near.

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