Why do Garage Door Springs Break?

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A garage door has a lot of components and a lot of moving parts. Over time, these parts wear out with daily use. One of these garage door parts that can wear down over time is the torsion springs.

Every time the garage door opens and closes, the torsion springs in your garage get a workout. Multiply this times a few thousand cycles of opening and closing your garage door, and sooner or later, those springs will need to be replaced.

But it’s not just regular wear and tear that can cause garage door springs to break. Rust is another common spring killer. As rust builds up on the coils, it can increase friction on the spring and corrode it, causing it to eventually fail. Here, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. Garage Door SpringsLubricating the springs every few months could keep them from rusting over.

Don’t neglect routine garage door maintenance. Pay attention to the performance of your garage door, and consider having professional servicemen perform annual routine maintenance on your door to ensure all components are in good working condition.

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