When Your Commercial or Residential Garage Door is Too Loud

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Garage DoorMost people expect their garage doors to make some noise; they may even expect those noises to be overwhelmingly loud, sometimes. This is not necessarily true, however. If your garage door is very loud and making terrible noises when you open and close it, you are right to wonder what’s causing it. When it comes to fixing it, there are several possibilities.

Follow the Sound

It’s true that no garage door will be entirely silent. All garage doors will have their own noises when you open and close them. You should be able to tell the difference between excessive noise and normal sounds. If the sounds make your ears ring, they are probably not normal ones.

Your garage door has many moving parts and any one of these could be causing excessive noises. Loose bolts will shake. Loose rollers will bang and clang. Hinges will creak, and much more. If you combine these noises together, you end up with many possible sound sources that can overwhelm your ears. If you’re fortunate, fixing the problems will be as simple as lubricating parts. However, you may need to replace and repair some before they get worse.

If you’re struggling to hear over your garage door, stop and listen carefully. Do so from safe places. You can move from spot to spot as your door moves; listen for places in which the noise is loudest. Those are the places you’ll want to check, carefully, for loose and rattling parts. Check these parts carefully; don’t do it while the door is moving.

The best thing you can do if your garage door’s noises are overwhelming is to call a professional. The pros at Abstract Overhead Door and Fence know how to repair all things, including those details that may seem small, but still need knowledge and experience that you don’t have. Call us today.


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