Operate Your Garage Door During an Outage

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Most of us depend upon our garage doors, possibly more than we realize. They are a convenience that we take for granted. So, if an outage strikes, do you know what you’re going to do? You can operate your garage door during an outage, you just have to know how.

Use the Garage Door Manually

No Power Words Electrical Cord Outlet Electricity OutageGarage door openers are usually equipped with the ability to switch off the automatic parts that open them. This way, you can use the door manually. It is a safety precaution put in place for occasions like power outages. On many systems, there is a rope hanging from the main part of the system. This is the automatic system bypass.

When you pull this rope, the opener should no longer be connected to the system affected by the power outage. Pull this only when the door is closed; the door may shut suddenly, which can be dangerous and damaging for the door. Remember to use caution when operating the door manually if you haven’t used it that way in a long time, or ever. Hopefully, your door will be back to normal functions soon.

Of course, if your door stops working for any other reason, you can always call us. An outage can sometimes cause damage that even the manual setting won’t help. You may want to do some basic inspecting of your own to see if you can find the cause. However, we’re here for your garage door repairs, be they emergencies, or not terribly urgent. It still helps to know how to operate your garage door during an outage, or when your automatic opener isn’t working, just in case.

When you need garage door inspections, repairs, and replacements, call Abstract Overhead Door and Fence. We will even help you learn more about how to properly operate and care for your garage door.


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