Homeowner’s Insurance and Garage Door Repair or Replacement

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No one wants to face a garage door accident, and it is entirely possible that you may never have to deal with one. However, it is less likely that you will never have a single problem of any kind with your garage door. There will probably come a time when you need a part fixed, or replaced, or perhaps the entire door replaced. Repairs don’t have to be extremely expensive, but they can cost money that you may not have at the time. So, you may start asking questions about homeowner’s insurance and garage door repair.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Garage Doors?

It is possible to have coverage for garage door damage in your insurance package. When problems are covered, they usually fall into a few categories, like vehicle-related damage, natural disasters, and break-ins. Major issues like these are more likely to be covered by insurance.

Carpenter workingIf you, a member of your family, or someone else drives into your garage door and damages it significantly, then there may be a chance your homeowner’s insurance covers the repairs, or the replacement. Auto insurance can be helpful with this, too, if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover it; if someone else drives into your doors, their auto insurance may be enough to help.

In the case of natural disasters—hail, flooding, etc.—not all types are covered. It is important to find out the specifics when you check, or inquire about it. Sometimes, your doors may not be listed specifically as items covered in the event of a natural disaster. But, if the coverage is broad, there may be hope. So, the best thing to do is ask your provider.

Whatever the damage to your garage doors, the best thing to do is talk to your insurance provider about what is covered. However, don’t wait until the damage is done. Talk to your insurance carrier now, and then call Abstract Overhead Door and Fence.


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