Common Garage Door Mistakes

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garage door repair Philadelphia PAIn order for garage doors to function and be reliable, they must be built well, made of durable materials, and they must get proper care. We’re only human, however, and we make mistakes. So, when it comes to your garage doors, avoid these common missteps.

Waiting Years for Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons to avoid checking your garage, having a professional check it, and performing routine maintenance. You may have a busy schedule and a life full of unexpected events. You may be saving money, or money is tight. You may think that, because things have been running just fine, there’s no real need. There is, however, a need. Take a look at your doors regularly. Schedule professional checks a couple of times a year, or less, or more, if you’re told otherwise. If something strange happens, address it. Don’t wait.

DIY Repairs

It’s true, some people are capable of fixing things themselves. Plus, there are things on garage doors that can easily be fixed by many adults. However, sometimes, in an effort to save money, we take on projects that are simply too much. Unless you are absolutely certain you can fix something, talk to a professional about a problem. If you don’t have experience dealing with the complex workings of garage doors, you could cost yourself more money and time by trying to do it yourself.

Improper Operation

Sometimes people become busy and forget, or they’re in a hurry, or an inexperienced child manages to work the doors. Whatever the reason, garage doors are operated incorrectly on a regular basis. Follow the proper rules when operating the door. Be cautious about moving cars near it, don’t let very young children operate it, and don’t try to out run it and slide under as it closes. You’ll avoid many mistakes and damage if you ensure proper operation.

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