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Emergency board ups, Doors secured open or closed

24 Hours a day 7 days a week.

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Need Your Garage Doors Fixed?

If your garage doors aren’t working properly, we can help. For over 30 years, Abstract Overhead Door & Fence Co. has helped both commercial and residential customers just like you. Call us now at 1-800-336-7015 and let us fix your garage doors!

Reasons You Need to Have Your Garage Doors Repaired As Soon As Possible

Not sure if you should get your garage doors repaired? Consider this:

  • Your garage doors could be killing your curb appeal. Before anyone ever steps foot in your home, they see the outside from the street. And your garage doors are right there, taking center stage. What kind of message are they sending?
  • A garage with malfunctioning doors simply isn’t functional. If your garage doors are jammed, off track, or aren’t opening automatically like they should, you will not be able to get full use out of your space. The quicker they’re fixed, the quicker your garage becomes functional once again.
  • You could be endangering your valuables, not to mention your safety! Broken garage doors may prove easy to break into. This could provide easy access for an intruder.

Emergency Repair Services Available Upon Demand

Need your doors fixed sooner rather than later? Here at Abstract Overhead Door & Fence Co., we provide true Same Day Emergency Service. All you have to do is call use at 1-800-336-7015, and we can come handle your situation immediately. This includes:

  • Emergency board ups—Keep your valuables safe with this temporary solution.
  • Doors secured open—Need to get objects in or out but door won’t stay open? We will secure your door open so you can get the job done.
  • Doors secured closed—Door won’t lock? We can make sure no one opens it.

We’re available 24 hours, 7 days a week to handle your emergency situations.

Call Us Now for Garage Door Repairs

Whether you have an emergency or your garage doors are just a nagging problem you’re ready to take care of, contact us now and get them fixed right, once and for all!