Update Your Garage Door for the New Year

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A new year is coming and we all want a fresh start. As you consider what parts of your life need upgrading, think about your garage doors. If they’re aging and could use an update, there are plenty of new and classic ways to do so. Also, even if the change isn’t necessary, you may find that some new technology makes the updates worth it, anyway. A New Look Of…

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Garage Door Emergencies

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Garage doors are built to last. They are meant to withstand constant use and need minimal repair, and be with you for many years. However, accidents and failures do happen, and they rarely—if ever—happen at convenient times. When things go wrong, you want a garage door specialist ready to help garage door emergencies at a moment’s notice, or as close to it as possible. There are many possibilities for incidents—some…

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Garage Doors, Rain, and Leaks

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Rain is a weather event we can all expect. Sometimes it is welcome and at other times it is not, but it always has the potential to cause damage or problems at your home. Your garage is no exception; garage doors are susceptible to incoming water, cold air leaks, and moisture-related expansion for some types of door materials and sealants. Take steps to protect your garage door and interior from…

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Thinking About Garage Door Openers

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You are familiar with garage door openers. You may assume that, unless you have an old-fashioned manual garage door, there is one primary type—a simple button remote that activates mechanics, and then opens the door. There are options for those mechanics, however, and as with anything in your home, you want to get what’s right for you. Garage door openers and their mechanics use drives; a chain, a belt, or a…

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So, You’re Buying New Garage Doors

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If you’re going to buy a new garage door for your home, you know that it’s a significant, costly undertaking. You want the doors to last so that you don’t have to do it again anytime in the near future, and you want the best that you can afford so that you also don’t have to worry about regular, expensive maintenance. The doors are also part of your home’s appeal…

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Garage Door Safety

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Garage doors generally move so slowly, and we use them so often that we forget there are dangers associated with them. As much as you want them to work well and consistently, you also want to avoid potential accidents and injury. It’s important to make sure you, your family, and anyone else knows basic garage door safety, and you know how to maintain it so that accidents are far less…

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Prepare for Garage Door Repair Costs

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A home’s garage doors are often some of the first things people notice. They are also an essential, functioning part of your home; you need them to work properly. However, even the best garage doors are not make to last forever. Parts break down and accidents happen. Some things are inevitable. So, in addition to being prepared by practicing regular maintenance, you should have a garage door repair company you…

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Garage Door Maintenance

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Your garage door is important; you use it every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Installing and repairing these doors are often not cheap for many, and so it’s essential to keep an eye on them and maintain them. Before you call a professional, try a few tips to care for and preserve your garage doors. Listen Obviously, sound is one of the first things you may notice when your…

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Cool Your Hot Garage

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It’s summertime, and the natural heat is on. Your air conditioner will be working harder than ever to keep your home comfortable, and your garage will become hot, stuffy, and unbearable unless you take some precautions to prevent that. Proper air and venting, and solid insulation are keys to preventing an intolerable garage space. Air and Ventilation To keep your hot garage cool, your home and garage need airflow. While…

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Maintaining and Repairing Garage Doors

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Though we look at and go through our garage doors on a daily basis, potential problems often go unnoticed. We generally don’t realize anything is wrong until we can’t get our car into the garage, or it malfunctions in some other way. This is problematic because garage door problems can often be avoided with regular maintenance. Inspections by a professional are important for preserving the life of your garage doors….

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