Common Questions for Your Garage Door Professional

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Whether you need repairs, a check-up, or you need new garage doors, a professional is the best person to call. Experience helps ensure that you will have quality, lasting results. Of course, if you don’t yet have someone to perform this work, you have the task of finding the right people for the job. Here are some questions you may want to consider asking a potential garage door professional. How…

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Hurricane Proofing for Your Garage Doors

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If you live in an area that is at-risk during hurricane season, or somewhere where storms can become so strong they damage your home, you’ve probably already considered precautions against those storms. You may have already taken some. Have you added garage doors to those considerations? Violent storms that cause damage with wind and hail aren’t the only hazards. Heavy rainfall might not throw a tree against your garage door,…

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Keep the Garage Cool This Summer

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Temperatures are rising and summer is here. For some, it will be warm, but tolerable. For others, it will feel unbearable. Everyone feels better stepping from the heat into an air-conditioned home. Unfortunately, the garage is not usually a place in which people escape the heat. In fact, despite the shade they provide, garages are notoriously uncomfortable in the summer. Most people do not add air conditioning to their garages….

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Dealing with a Badly Damaged Garage Door

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A severely damaged garage door usually happens suddenly. Perhaps your teenager forgot to make sure the door was open before backing out. Or, perhaps you were in a hurry and forgot. Maybe the door suddenly malfunctioned and, rather than descend slowly, it dropped and cracked. There are plenty of ways to end up with a badly damaged garage door, as well as plenty of ways to deal with them. Of…

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Windows for Garage Doors

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You have seen windows in people’s garage doors. It’s common, but not every garage door has them. Have you ever wondered if they serve a purpose good enough to put them in your own garage doors? Garage door windows can be viewed as upgrades. When viewable by others, they add curb appeal to the home. That exterior appearance can make a significant difference for some. Additionally, if you utilize your…

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Fence Repair this Spring

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Fences are functional things. They divide property, keep pets in and other critters out, and more. You want them to be sturdy for this reason, but nice-looking because they’re something you and your neighbors have to see every day. Spring is here and summer will soon follow. People are out of doors more often, now, taking advantage of the sun and weather. Summer holidays will call for family gatherings and…

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Common Garage Door Mistakes

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In order for garage doors to function and be reliable, they must be built well, made of durable materials, and they must get proper care. We’re only human, however, and we make mistakes. So, when it comes to your garage doors, avoid these common missteps. Waiting Years for Maintenance There are plenty of reasons to avoid checking your garage, having a professional check it, and performing routine maintenance. You may…

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Make Your New Garage Doors an Investment

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  Whether your previous doors malfunctioned and could not be fixed, or you want to update your home’s appearance, getting new garage doors is a significant investment. You want your garage doors to be durable, to last as long as possible, and to be secure as added protection for your home. You want a maintainable investment. For a garage door to be a return on an investment, it must be…

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Installing a New Garage Door Opener

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Garage door openers are essential for homes, now. No one wants to do things the old-fashioned way and we have come to rely on the convenience that garage door openers offer. So, what happens when you need a new one installed? There are plenty of reasons you might need an electric garage door opener installed. You may move into a new home and the doors do not come equipped with…

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Sectional Doors or Rolling Doors

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Whether your overhead doors are malfunctioning, non-existent, or just old, selecting new ones can be difficult. There are plenty from which you can choose. When you search the internet, you find that there are many providers offering you a selection, and promising the best work and prices. Among the many choices for doors are the sectionals and rolling varieties. They are common, viable choices. If you like the idea of…

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