Windows for Garage Doors

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wooden carriage house garage doors PAYou have seen windows in people’s garage doors. It’s common, but not every garage door has them. Have you ever wondered if they serve a purpose good enough to put them in your own garage doors?

Garage door windows can be viewed as upgrades. When viewable by others, they add curb appeal to the home. That exterior appearance can make a significant difference for some. Additionally, if you utilize your garage often for reasons other than parking your car—as a workshop or office—the windows can give you good natural light. They can also ventilate the room if they are made to open.

There are many options for adding windows to your garage doors. If you’re concerned about security, for example, you might consider putting the windows at the top of the door. This lets in light, but does not permit people to see into the garage easily. The window’s glass is as strong as any window, and so poses no real, additional security threat.

Others may prefer to see out of the window. You can certainly install the windows low enough to see in and out of them. You can look in to make sure your car and belongings are there. Or, you can look out to see as you work in the garage.

You also have choices in terms of window style and glass. You can go with something simple, such as a basic clear glass with a simple frame that suits the door’s materials. Or, you could try something more ornate. You can have windows with more than one pane, colorful frames, and even colored glass.

Windows in your garage doors are generally small additions, but they can make a large difference, nonetheless. If you want new garage doors, or want to upgrade the old ones, call us at Abstract Overhead Door and Fence.


Author: Rob Doughty

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