Hurricane Proofing for Your Garage Doors

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garage door repair Philadelphia PAIf you live in an area that is at-risk during hurricane season, or somewhere where storms can become so strong they damage your home, you’ve probably already considered precautions against those storms. You may have already taken some. Have you added garage doors to those considerations?

Violent storms that cause damage with wind and hail aren’t the only hazards. Heavy rainfall might not throw a tree against your garage door, but it may cause flooding that enters your garage and home. A hurricane-proof garage door can help protect your home.

If you live in an area that experiences hurricane season the most, check local codes. Some cities require that garage doors be able to withstand a certain windspeed. In addition to wind, you want your doors to handle potential debris impact. These are usually made with fiberglass or steel. They’re designed to handle objects thrown by strong, hurricane-like winds. They have a special track system and framework that resists both impact and twisting.

You can also purchase bracing kits that help the door resist winds. These kits can be used with doors that are not already equipped for hurricanes, and some people find they can install these kits themselves.

Of course, part of strong garage doors is maintenance. Loose and rusted screws, clogged tracks, and many other seemingly small things can give a strong storm the edge against your doors. Plan a maintenance schedule for your garage doors, even when they appear to be in full working order. If you do, you’ll better your chances of preventing problems, or catching them before they get worse.

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Author: Rob Doughty

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