Fence Repair this Spring

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us door & fenceFences are functional things. They divide property, keep pets in and other critters out, and more. You want them to be sturdy for this reason, but nice-looking because they’re something you and your neighbors have to see every day.

Spring is here and summer will soon follow. People are out of doors more often, now, taking advantage of the sun and weather. Summer holidays will call for family gatherings and more. Because of these things, it may be time to consider fence repair this Spring.

Wooden Fences

A cracked, faded wood fence is unsightly. It’s rough, it splinters, and its nails are rusty. A fence like this simply doesn’t do anyone any service, either. It’s easily damaged and it can be dangerous. You don’t want your family to be surrounded by a dangerous eyesore. You certainly don’t want to have company over for a yard party and have them fenced in with it. So, the best thing to do is have a new fence installed. By the time a wood fence becomes that bad, it’s probably beyond repair.

Wire and Aluminum

Wire and aluminum fences are generally in place around commercial locations. You may see some around homes, too. They’re strong and usually rust resistant. However, that does not mean that they’re impenetrable and never need repairs. If your aluminum fence has a hole, or has begun to fall over, have it repaired. Keep intruders out, and the pets in throughout the rest of the spring and into the summer.

Enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer, and never worry about the function, or appearance of your fences. Call us at Abstract Overhead Door and Fence. We can evaluate your fence and repair it, or install a new one.


Author: Rob Doughty

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