Keep the Garage Cool This Summer

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Garage Door InsulationTemperatures are rising and summer is here. For some, it will be warm, but tolerable. For others, it will feel unbearable. Everyone feels better stepping from the heat into an air-conditioned home. Unfortunately, the garage is not usually a place in which people escape the heat. In fact, despite the shade they provide, garages are notoriously uncomfortable in the summer.

Most people do not add air conditioning to their garages. This is problematic if they spend any time there working, exercising, or doing any other activity. The garage can become hot and stifling. However, if you want to make use of your garage this summer, there are ways to cool it down.

Many factors contribute to how hot garages become. Your garage door colors, the amount of sun the doors get, whether your car is parked in the garage, and the effectiveness of your insulation are just some. If you want to improve the air in your garage, start with the little things.

Park outside the garage. A recently-driven car radiates heat. It can make a difference in a stuffy garage. So, if you plan on using the space, park your car outside. Not only will it help cool things down, it will give you more space for what you want to do.

Add a fan. Again, it’s a small item. However, with the doors open and a fan going, the air will circulate much better. You can also add a small-space air conditioner. Just be careful; if the garage is hot, you don’t want to overwork the little AC. Wait until the air has cooled a little naturally before turning it on.

Upgrade your insulation and weatherstripping. When you have methods for cooling your garage, you want to keep it that way as much as possible. Insulation and weatherstripping help you do just that. They keep that cool air in and the warm air out.

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Author: Rob Doughty

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