Does Your Garage Door Need to be Repaired?

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Every morning, you open your garage door, back your car out, close the garage door, and head out for the day. When you come back, you open the garage door, park the car, close the garage door, and head inside. You repeat this drill several times a day, every day. You do it so often that you probably don’t even notice your garage door any more. So maybe you haven’t even noticed that it’s opening a little more slowly than it used to or that it’s making some funny noises.
The fact is that garage doors wear out over time. It’s inevitable. But if you’re able to notice the signs of wear and tear and common problems, you can take steps to get your garage door repaired and back to like-new condition before things get worse.
Here are some common signs your garage door might need to be repaired:

  •  It no longer rolls on the tracks.
  •  It’s slow to open and close.
  • It makes loud, strange noises.
  • It’s old and you haven’t done any maintenance on it in a long time.
  • And the most obvious sign your garage door needs to be repaired…
  • It won’t open or close.

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