Dependable Garage Doors

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So, it’s time to install a new garage door; perhaps you’re renovating your home, or your current doors are not functioning. Whatever the reason, you must choose the best option for your home out of the mass available to you. You want it to look attractive, have it suit your house’s overall appearance, and, most importantly, be strong and reliable. Most garage doors can be made to suit your style, but their strength and dependability is the most important combination; you want your doors to last.

Components and Strength

All doors have the potential to be designed well and attractive, but some may last longer than others and require less maintenance. Ask yourself, how much abuse will your doors have to take?

  • Steel: Steel doors are available in a wide variety of styles. They are made of a stronger metal than standard aluminum doors, therefore they will not dent as easily. They are lasting and offer clean style that can be tailored to your preferences. A downside is that this material may rust if scratched, as opposed to aluminum, which is rustproof.


  • Wood: Wood is a classic, traditional choice. It is strong and reliable as long as it is maintained regularly with waterproofing, staining, and painting. Its look can be tailored beautifully to suit your preferences.

There are plenty of other materials from which to choose. You have a multitude of options and can make your residential garage doors have almost any look you want. Whatever your preference—modern, classic American, Victorian, French, and beyond—Abstract Door can help you choose, install, and maintain your doors. You can improve the look of your home and its investment, and we can help you do it. Call us today and ask what we can offer you in terms of new and improved residential garage doors.


Author: Rob Doughty

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