Why Do Garage Doors Break?

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steel-raised-panel-garage-doorsGarage doors break for lots of reasons. Parts can wear out and become old and stop working.  Garage doors have a lot of parts, including cables, springs, and rollers. As a garage door is used, the parts can become worn and stop working correctly.  Garages are also exposed to the elements, which can make parts wear out more quickly.

When garage doors break, it could be dangerous if the door falls on someone.  You need to make sure you maintain your garage carefully to avoid potential problems. Test the door’s reversing mechanism periodically by placing an object in the path of the door. If it doesn’t reverse, you need to call your garage door repair service for assistance.

You should also consider having a professional come out periodically to your home to check all of the parts of your garage door. If a minor problem is detected with one of the door parts, you can get it solved quickly before it turns into a big and potentially dangerous issue.

No garage door is going to last forever, but with proper maintenance you can make sure that your garage door lasts for a long time and that no one is put at risk by a door that is in poor repair.

Author: Rob Doughty

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