Security and Storefront Doors

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We are all familiar with storefront doors. There are a wide variety, and though we may not realize it, their use and look affect a store’s general appeal. They should act as an easy-to-use and inviting entrance, and offer sufficient security for a business. Selecting the best storefront door for your store or other business is not a frivolous task.

These doors are not average front doors. They are made of heavy industrial materials to resist long term, significant wear and tear. They also have stronger locks to help prevent break-ins. Your storefront door materials determine its sturdiness and security. Glass can be strengthened, but security curtains—solid, grille, or perforated—are a good addition to improve security for glass doors.


Choosing Your Doors

When selecting your store’s doors, you should consider how much and what kind of traffic the doors will experience. Will it be adults, or will it be children? Doors should be able to handle traffic, and should be easy enough for patrons to open. They should also come with the security you prefer, be it electronic or tumbler locks, to keep your business safe. You also may want a door that is particularly well-sealed to help maintain the interior temperature and keep out exterior trash and debris. This is also beneficial for security.

Of course, you want your doors to be visually appealing. There are a variety of styles and colors from which to choose to suit your store’s appearance. You can have what you believe will attract patrons.

A professional can help you decide on the best option for you that you can afford, as well as the additions that help protect your business. At Abstract Overhead Door and Fence, we can help you with your business security. We offer rolling security curtains, steel scissor gates, side folding aluminum gates, custom steel door and window guards, and more in whatever colors you prefer. Contact us today about your storefront door security needs.


Author: Rob Doughty

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