Prepare for Garage Door Repair Costs

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A home’s garage doors are often some of the first things people notice. They are also an essential, functioning part of your home; you need them to work properly. However, even the best garage doors are not make to last forever. Parts break down and accidents happen. Some things are inevitable. So, in addition to being prepared by practicing regular maintenance, you should have a garage door repair company you trust, and be familiar with the garage door repair costs you may face.

Knowing the Costs

garage door maintenance tipsThere is no way to be entirely certain of garage door repair costs unless you get a clear quote from a repairperson. Repairs can be in a wide cost range, from just under $100 for a simple repair with no new parts, to over $500 for a more complicated repair. Larger, more expensive doors with more costly materials are more likely to require more expensive repairs, particularly if those materials have to be replaced.

Door Types and Expenses

Single doors with no additional, automatic mechanics will be easier, and therefore cheaper to repair. Any customization to these simple doors will make repairs more costly. Wooden doors can be particularly expensive if the repairs require more than a little polishing or painting. Replacing the wood will cost the most, perhaps less so if your doors are paneled and you only have to replace a single wood panel.

For doors with automatic and electric door openers, it is always best to have a professional perform the repairs, but they may not be as expensive as you might think. In some cases, you could purchase the replacement parts and take care of it yourself.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to preparing for garage door repair costs is to talk to your manufacturer and repairperson, and get all of the details. They should be able to give you estimates, at the bare minimum, and tell you what measures to take to maintain the life of your doors to avoid some of the most expensive repairs. Call us at Abstract Overhead Door and let us be your go-to for future garage door repairs.


Author: Rob Doughty

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