Never Replace a Garage Door Spring Yourself

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Contractor Installing Garage Door Post Rail and Spring InstallaYou can’t miss the sound of a breaking garage door spring; if you’re around when it happens, it will be very loud—almost like a gunshot. This is a little frightening because it’s a very important part of your garage door; it holds all the weight of the door during movement. It might look simple enough to fix if you’re a fairly handy person, but it is never a good idea to replace a garage door spring yourself.

Garage Door Spring Basics

Your door’s spring can often be found inside a tube over the door, though it depends upon your door type. In an extension system, the springs are over the tracks. In any situation, your spring should not fall completely from its position. When it breaks, it will probably hang partially out of the tube.

These springs are incredibly strong; they have to be durable in order to support your doors. They also make it possible for you to open the door manually when you need by serving as counterweights. A good spring that is maintained over the years should last near seven years, approximately. Preventing spring damage includes regular inspections for wear, as well as lubrication.

Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself

If it breaks, your ability to open your garage door is severely compromised; the weight is simply too great. While you might be able to get your garage door open with the remote—assuming not all springs are damaged—it is risky to do so.

Overall, trying to manage the weight of your door while installing a new spring into its somewhat complex system is dangerous. Instead, when your garage door springs breaks, start by attempting to close the door with the electronic remote. Then, unplug the opener, and call your professional garage door service people.

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