Never Leave Your Garage Door Unattended While Open

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Clean garageWhen you open the garage door and you don’t plan on being away from it long at all, or you plan on being nearby, you may not think much about it. You probably feel that your proximity means there is little to worry over, and during hot summer months, cooling the air in the garage that way can feel great, and make coming and going from the garage much easier. However, unless you are still in the garage, or the door is in sight at all times, it is never a good idea to leave your garage door unattended while open.

Dangers of Leaving Garage Doors Open

The most obvious problem with leaving the open garage door unattended is the risk of theft. It does not take long for someone to run into the garage and grab something. Even worse, that person may run directly into the house when you’re not looking. Even if a thief doesn’t take the particular opportunity, the act of leaving the garage door open could appear as a sign to that criminal that there may be more chances at stealing from you, or getting into your garage and home.

Though the outdoor air coming through your garage may make it feel more comfortable, you don’t need to leave your door open in order to better the temperature. In fact, there are better ways to cool the garage at any time of the year. Better insulation in the garage is the best way to improve the temperature. Ventilation and fans move the hot air out of the garage. An insulated door is also a great way to stabilize and make the temperature more comfortable.

Of course, leave the doors open also looks like an invitation to pests. Where once your doors prevented animals from getting in, suddenly they can run in when you’re not looking. You might even accidentally shut them in, causing more problems for you later, like an animal causing destruction, getting into your home, or even dying.

Keep your garage doors working at their best and your garage safe. Never leave your garage door unattended when it’s open, and call Abstract Overhead Door and Fence for your Garage Door needs.

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