Mice in Your Garage

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Your garage is home to your car, stored belongings, your craft station, and much more. What you don’t want it to house is mice. If you discover mice in your garage, then you have several potential problems. Something has attracted those mice and that must be managed, or eliminated. Mice carry fleas and disease, and both of those are major issues. Finally, those mice got into your garage somehow, and you will need to find that spot and seal it.

Getting Rid of the Mice in Your Garage

Rats on white backgroundThe best way to be rid of mice in the garage is to never have them, obviously. Any steps you might take to eliminate them when you find them can also be done to prevent them altogether. For example, if you discover mice, then you may need to set traps, or poison. You don’t have to wait for the mice to do this, however. You can set these out as preventative measures, too. As long as they’re safe and legal, they’ll work to prevent mice from living in your garage, and to get rid of any already there.

Cleaning Up

Something drew the mice to your garage, which means you probably need to perform a good cleaning. Reorganize if your garage is cluttered so that you can see better. If your garage is already well organized and relatively clean, check for items you didn’t notice before. Watch for anything that might attract them, like old food. If you have trash cans in the garage, seal them, or move them. Start storing your trash differently, too.

Closing Entries

Inspect your garage for entry points. Your garage doors should be one of the first places you look. While mice can get in when the doors are open, all the noise and motion involved is more likely to scare them. They probably got in while the doors were shut. So, check weather stripping for wear and tear. Check the door for holes, and for entrances anywhere else.

Finally, call pest control if you need help. Make sure that your efforts to be rid of mice are lasting. If your doors are the issue, you can also call for garage door services. Contact Abstract Overhead Door and Fence today.


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