Maintaining and Repairing Garage Doors

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residential-4Though we look at and go through our garage doors on a daily basis, potential problems often go unnoticed. We generally don’t realize anything is wrong until we can’t get our car into the garage, or it malfunctions in some other way. This is problematic because garage door problems can often be avoided with regular maintenance. Inspections by a professional are important for preserving the life of your garage doors. You, too, can inspect your garage doors and catch issues early to prevent more expensive repairs.

Watch carefully from up close how your door opens and closes. Are there strange movements or vibrations? Are there any slight catches hindering movement? You should regularly inspect your garage door for even slight damage or changes in function.  Are there any dents or dings that you didn’t notice from your car? These things can lead to problems later, and so if you address them immediately, you can avoid the bigger, more costly repairs.

Common Problems

Garage doors are notorious for being noisy; we assume that is a normal part of the door’s function. However, this is not necessarily true. If your door is making such noise that you consider it loud and bothersome, you may have a problem that warrants a look by a professional. The same can be said if your doors are slow. While garage doors do not open instantly, they should not be so slow that you feel like you are sitting and waiting for the normal convenience. If your door takes too long to begin opening, or is agonizingly slow when doing so, then take a look for issues. If you can’t find anything, call for some help. Of course, if your doors are off their tracks, or refuse to open altogether, you obviously have a major problem. You may look at it yourself, but it’s safer to hire a professional.

At Abstract Overhead Door, we know how to keep your home’s garage doors functioning properly, and looking well. Calls us today to find out how we can help you maintain and repair your doors at your convenience.


Author: Rob Doughty

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