Lighting Your Garage Doors

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commercial overhead door NJGarage doors are primarily functional. However, that does not mean they cannot, or should not look good, particularly when they face the street. You want all aspects of your home to be attractive, so you paint and keep things tidy, and protect your home. Lighting your garage doors can accomplish these things, too.

Improve Curb Appeal

A garage door is an extension of your home and it is understandable that you would want it to be as attractive as any other part of your home. In addition to painting and keeping up with repairs, lighting can make a significant difference. Downlighting, for example, can enhance the attractive qualities of the doors. To do this, you install lights above the doors, strategically, so that they shine down onto the doors, as well as out and around them, much like the light on a painting at a museum. When well-placed, lights enhance the features of your garage and home. You can show off the color, features, and more.

Lights can also aid in home security. Garage doors may sometimes be a security problem. However, among the things you can do to increase security, garage door lights are simple additions. Potential intruders often wait until night and when homeowners are away. Lights are a deterrent; the more well-lit the area, the greater the risk of being caught. If the lights are on, someone may be home, or watching, which means theft is less likely.

It is always a good idea to have a little extra light when you are driving to and from home. The light outside your garage affords you better vision of objects that may be in your way. All of these benefits make lighting your garage doors a great idea. For more information and tips on choosing, installing, and maintaining garage doors, call us at Abstract Overhead Door and Fence—1-800-336-7015.


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