Investing in Commercial Rolling Doors

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commercial-garage-doorsCommercial rolling doors are a familiar site to most of us; we see them at shops, factories, and other businesses and industries. These doors are usually steel or aluminum panels that roll up and look similar to some residential garage doors. Despite their simplistic appearance, there is more to these doors, and if you own a business, you may want to consider investing in one. They must be solid and strong, and durable enough to keep what they enclose safe.

These doors can be made of a variety of materials. They are meant to withstand most intrusions, including weather, for years. Their first and foremost purpose is security. They may be insulated or not, and fireproofed. Their operation can be motorized with controls to operate them, or manual by chain or push-up.

These doors are about function rather than appearance. In addition to be formed for safety, these doors are relatively simple to operate and utilize, whether you choose manual or motorized opening and closing. Once closed, they are then securely locked, and can be made part of your building’s overall security. Though the stronger, better-made doors can be costly, they are a significant investment in your business’s protection.

Most businesses are not terribly concerned with a stylish appearance because commercial rolling doors are about safety and strength, primarily for industrial and commercial businesses. However, they can be tailored, somewhat. You do not have to choose steel, and they do not have to be silver or standard metal grey. You can select another color, add logos and other insignia, and they can be any size you require for your space.

Abstract Door provides and maintains commercial rolling doors, sectional doors, entry doors, and much more for businesses and other facilities. Choose from our selection, or call us to help you fix your door and keep your facility safe for many more years to come.


Author: Rob Doughty

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