Important Safety Tips When Using Commercial Rolling Doors

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commercial-garage-doorsCommercial rolling doors can roll down at high speeds and can be either motorized or operate on a manual hand chain or by manual push-up.  They are available in steel and aluminum and in different configurations including perforated, solid, and with grilles or vision lights. They can be useful for ensuring the security of items stored behind the door. However, there are risks associated with the use of commercial rolling doors and you need to ensure you follow best practices for safety.

One of the most important safety tips is to regularly inspect the rollers for signs of problems or damage. If the roller appears as if it is becoming damaged or worn, contact the manufacturer to have an inspection performed and to get any necessary repairs made.

Consider choosing a door with an auto-stop feature if possible. You can opt for an auto-stop on a motorized commercial rolling door that stops the door from rolling down when the “close” button has been released. You could also choose to install a rolling door that has a safety sensor on it so the door stops automatically.

Training on safe use of the door is also essential and one of the most important safety things you can do because you want your employees using the door to ensure that they don’t put themselves and others at risk.

Author: Rob Doughty

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