Got a Noisy Garage Door?

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Has your garage door been making your ears rings, lately? Though some garage doors are quieter than others, they are generally not known for being silent. They shouldn’t be excessively loud and irritate your ears, however. If you have a noisy garage door and it’s driving you crazy, try these tips.

Check for loose screws, bolts, and other parts.

Man fixing a garage doorOver time, all doors shake and come loose; it’s normal. The important thing is to keep up with maintenance so that things don’t loosen so much they come off, resulting in more damage. Only check and tighten screws you can reach easily, and remember to turn off the door before you do any maintenance.

Check or replace the belt, and test the drive motor.

Older garage door mechanics are sometimes noisy. Old belts that open the door wear down over time. Mechanics become rickety. Your belt drive motor might be struggling to pull your doors. If that’s the case, you want a professional to take a look. You might also consider replacing those essential parts for more modern models if they’re old.

Rollers and Tracks

Rollers are made of aluminum or plastic, and they run on a metal track system as your door goes up and down. These systems can shake and adjust over time and need maintenance. Check this system for bends, debris, and other problems causing noise. Remember not to touch them when the door is moving, and turn off the system before doing anything.

The best thing you can do for your garage doors is keep up with a maintenance schedule. Talk to a professional about what is safe for you to inspect yourself, and then have that expert check your doors once or twice per year, too. That way, you can avoid a noisy garage door altogether, and address it quickly and easily if it happens. Contact Abstract Overhead Door and Fence today.


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