Get Your Garage Ready for Winter

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overhead door near meWinter is here. Some locations are feeling very cold temperatures and more are on the way. This will affect you, your home, your transportation, and many other aspects of your life, including your garage. Be ready for the winter, and watch out and prepare for issues that could arise this season.

Clean the garage door mechanisms.

Grease, dirt, and debris in your garage door motors and mechanisms are problematic at any time. They have the potential to disrupt proper operation. Of course, some debris may freeze in cold temperatures, which increases the change of issues. When the weather is cold, you do not want your garage doors to get stuck. Clean your door parts and lubricate them as necessary.

Check your garage door’s weather stripping and insulation.

This cleaning and checking includes the weather-stripping materials that help your insulation. Garage doors experience a lot of wear over their lives. Weather stripping gets dirty, becomes torn, cracked, or stripped, and the doors can experience cracks and things that affect the insulation. Make sure your weatherstripping and insulation are solid, and that there are no tears or spaces that allow cold air inside, and warm air out.

Update your doors’ insulation.

There are a few ways to improve your doors’ insulation. You can get installation kits for this and do it yourself; these kits may include fiberglass insulation, foam, and more. Or, you can have a professional make recommendations and install for you. You can also choose completely new doors made of materials that offer better insulation, naturally.

We offer a wide variety of services for residential garages and commercial overhead door needs. We know what winters can do to your garage and your home, and we’re fully prepared to help. Call us today and ask us how.


Author: Rob Doughty

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