A Garage Worthy of Holidays

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close up of little girl decorating christmas treeYou know your garage as the place in which you park your car. You may also use it as a tool shed, storage space, or work site. Have you ever considered using it as extra space for holiday celebrations? A home garage is capable of more than you may realize. With a clean, organized space, good insulation, and a beautiful, fully-functioning door, you can have a garage worthy of holidays.

Check the Garage Insulation

A key to hosting a holiday dinner with space in your garage is keeping everyone in comfortable temperatures. If the weather is cold, you want your garage to retain the warmth of your home’s heating system and the gathering people inside. For that, you’ll need good insulation. You can add some insulation to the walls of your garage if they’re thin. Your garage door should be thoroughly checked, too. It is a good idea, in general, to check and update your doors’ weatherstripping and other weather protection every few months, or at least twice per year. Your door should also be checked to make sure it opens and closes securely. You can have a professional inspect it, too. What better time to have your annual, professional garage door check than prior to a holiday event?

Add Some Air Circulation

If you’re going to have a number of people in your garage at once and everything will be sealed to retain temperatures, you will want to make sure you have plenty of air flow for everyone. Add a fan to help circulate air through the room.

Give It a Good Clean

Then, all you need is a clean space. Once your space is clear, you can decorate it however you like. You can make the room part of your holiday celebration in any capacity; it can be a space for the children, for the buffet-style serving, or even the central dining space.

We can help you make your garage worthy of holidays. Call Abstract Overhead Door and Fence, and we’ll check your doors, repair them, replace them, and any garage door service you need.


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