Garage Doors, Rain, and Leaks

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overhead door near meRain is a weather event we can all expect. Sometimes it is welcome and at other times it is not, but it always has the potential to cause damage or problems at your home. Your garage is no exception; garage doors are susceptible to incoming water, cold air leaks, and moisture-related expansion for some types of door materials and sealants. Take steps to protect your garage door and interior from water and wet weather damage.

First, make certain your garage is well-insulated.

Many garage doors are prepared with insulation, but that is not always the case. You may find that you need some additional insulation, particularly if your garage door material does not provide it. It will help protect your garage from cold air and excess moisture from rain and humidity. If you are considering a new garage door, you might want to think about a more energy efficient model.

Check thoroughly for leaks.

Sometimes you can see the areas through which water and air are coming in. Have someone stand outside the doors with a flashlight while you stand inside and in the dark. If there are obvious leaks, you may be able to see the light through them. In other cases, you may be able to feel the cool air coming through. Check the weather stripping on your door. Look for worn spots, tears, and missing pieces.

Replace your weather stripping regularly.

A professional can advise you on the best sort of weather stripping for your garage. Once you have it, you want to check it and replace it as it begins to wear. You do not necessarily have to hire help for this every time. You can find your materials and install them yourself, and as you have a professional visit and inspect your garage regularly for a check-up, he or she will let you know if there is more that you can do.

Whether rain or shine, call us at Abstract Overhead Door and Fence. We can help you with your garage door’s insulation, weather stripping, and any other issue you may have.



Author: Rob Doughty

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