Garage Door Safety

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garage door repair philadelphiaGarage doors generally move so slowly, and we use them so often that we forget there are dangers associated with them. As much as you want them to work well and consistently, you also want to avoid potential accidents and injury. It’s important to make sure you, your family, and anyone else knows basic garage door safety, and you know how to maintain it so that accidents are far less likely.

Start with the Children

If you have children in the home, they are the absolute best place to begin. Teaching your children that the garage doors are not there for play, what parts are safe for them to operate and how to do so, and explaining the damage they can do is sure to lower the chances of accidents. Younger children should not be allowed to operate parts at all, and they sometimes forget in their excitement, or the passing of time as the doors become just another part of daily life. So, reminding them regularly of garage door safety is important.

Set Some Rules

Whether adult or child, reminders never hurt. Set some boundaries and make sure everyone does their best to maintain them:

  • Never walk under a moving door and definitely never race to beat the door as it closes.
  • Wait until the door is fully open to enter or exit.
  • Open the doors fully before starting a car’s engine.
  • Do not toy with any of the electronics or mechanics.
  • Keep limbs out of the way of a moving door and any of its moving parts.

Of course, always keep your doors maintained. Perform your own checkups, and have a professional come examine them as regularly as needed. We know garages doors, their functions, repairs, and safety. Call us at Abstract Overhead Door and let us help you keep your doors in safe working order.


Author: Rob Doughty

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