Why is My Garage Door so Loud?

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Does your garage door make loud, awful noises every time you open or close it? Wondering what it is that is causing your garage door to be so loud? Want to know how to fix it?

First, let’s make one thing clear from the start. No garage door is going to be completely silent. Every door will make some sort of noise with its normal function. However, it should be clear whether the noises your garage door is making are normal or something to be concerned about.

adv-sandtone-brick-house-webAs far as why your garage door is making those loud noises, it could be due to any number of reasons. A garage door has a lot of different moving parts, and any number of things could cause the noises you’re hearing, from loose bolts and screws to worn out hinges and rollers.

In some cases, the answer to fixing these noises is as simple as lubricating everything properly. However, in other cases, parts may need to be repaired or replaced before they become a serious safety issue.

If your garage door is making strange, loud noises, your best bet is to contact an experienced garage door repair technician who can inspect the door, identify the problem, and offer a solution to keep your garage door working properly.

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Author: Rob Doughty

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