Garage Door Care All Year

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Every season brings its changes and some of them are pleasant. Of course, they also bring their own share of work to be done as a result of the changes. Fall and winter have come, and there are some simple things you could do for garage door care to keep it maintained and prepare it for the next season all year long.

Check the Weatherstripping

Garage DoorsYou may notice that some things make their way under your garage door. While this does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your door, it is worth making sure that it is no more than the wind pushing them in, or the act of opening the door. Check your weatherstripping. You want no cracks or missing pieces when seasons change. In winter, for example, cold and ice could make their way into your garage. Seal your weatherstripping and insulation up before the temperatures change.

Check Working Parts

Debris like moist leaves does more than make your garage door and its parts dirty. It clogs parts and causes them to malfunction, if left uncleaned. It can also freeze in winter; this could lead to even more damage. Clean all the moving parts of any debris. Do your best to keep them clean and dry. Then, test all functions. Watch and listen for potential issues. If any part needs tightening, loosening, or oiling, do that.

Schedule an Inspection

There is never a wrong time to have a garage door professional review your door. With winter here and your door in need of a professional check once or twice per year, anyway, you could take this opportunity to schedule that inspection. Any problems will be solved before the new year really gets started, and your doors will be ready for spring, too.

For garage door care in all seasons, call Abstract Overhead Door and Fence. We’ll make sure your garage doors are ready all year.


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