How Effective is Your Garage Door Insulation?

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When temperatures reach their peaks in winter and summer, you may notice a significant difference in your garage. You may dread opening the door to the cold or heat. If so, this means that your garage probably isn’t well-insulated. It can be, however; your garage door insulation can be very effective at maintaining more comfortable temperatures in your garage so that you can use the more comfortable space.

Better Temperatures

residential garage doorsA well-insulated garage door is a strong defense between your house and the weather outside. Replacing your un-insulated door with an insulated one can reduce heat loss during winter, and keep that cool air in during the summer. With this improved temperature control, you can not only be more comfortable in the space, you can make more use of it.

This temperature control is also better for the belongings in your garage. A lot of people use the garage to store their things. Some also use the space as another work area, or hobby room. All the items you might keep in there will be much safer from extreme temperatures with more insulation.

Soundproofing and Privacy

Garage door insulation is great for privacy, too. Insulated doors reduce sound vibration, which means that you can be bothered less by outdoor noise and will bother your neighbors less. Whether you’re using a saw, or practicing with your band, you can expect fewer, perhaps no noise complaints. Insulated garage doors are also generally more durable, too. They are less likely to be dented easily. In fact, they will experience far less wear and tear than a standard garage door.

If you think that your garage door could use more insulation, or if you know that it could, talk to your garage door experts. For garage door services in Southeast Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, contact Abstract Overhead Door and Fence.


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