Cool Your Hot Garage

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slide2It’s summertime, and the natural heat is on. Your air conditioner will be working harder than ever to keep your home comfortable, and your garage will become hot, stuffy, and unbearable unless you take some precautions to prevent that. Proper air and venting, and solid insulation are keys to preventing an intolerable garage space.

Air and Ventilation

To keep your hot garage cool, your home and garage need airflow. While your air conditioner may not run in your garage, you can utilize natural air to help keep things from becoming stagnant and stuffy. Add a fan to the area, or keep the door open just a little when you’re at home. If your garage doors have windows or other features that open, take advantage and open them when you feel it’s safe to do so. A vent can let some of that hot garage air escape; you can have a stationary vent installed, and even an exhaust system to help cool things off. Of course, if you use your garage a lot, a small, portable air conditioner can provide some much needed comfort while you work in the summer months.


Solid insulation is also important. Your doors, their edges, and the walls should be well insulated. Additional insulation at the ceiling is generally a good idea, too; talk to a professional to find out what type is best for your space. Insulation helps stave off additional heat and keep in that cooler air that you are circulating. This will also help in the winter if you live in an area that gets particularly cold.

At Abstract Overhead Door, we know garages and how hot they can get during the summer. If you need help with garage door insulation or ventilation, call us. We’ll evaluate your needs and work to keep you happy with your garage.


Author: Rob Doughty

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