Better Garage Door Security

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garage door service Philadelphia PAMost of us take proper precautions when it comes to our homes and their garages. However, most of us have also thought, at some point, that we could also use a bit more security. Even with current standard security, it’s not terribly difficult for someone to break into your garage if they really want to.

Thanks to new technology, there is a range of security upgrades available for you, from openers, to security and alarms systems, to stronger doors.

Garage Door Openers

Once, we opened our doors manually. Then came the single-button remotes. Now, you can open your garage with your smartphone. The possibilities are many. You can have remotes with pass-codes, special locking features, and vacation modes that protect your garage from opening while you’re away. If you often forget to close the garage door, there are features to remind you.

Advanced Alarm Systems

As doors advance, so do their security systems and alarms. These alarms can be as simple, or as advanced as you need. Attempts to manually open the doors may trigger the alarm, or you can install sensors that detect movement too close to the garage. The alarm can be as loud, or mild as you need.

Vacation and Other Settings

When you’re at home, you might not feel a need for the same amount of security that you may want when you’re away. You can have locks and alarms with various settings—less secure when you’re home and aware of your surroundings, and more secure when you’re away on vacation, or away for any reason.

Stronger Doors

Of course, one classic way to make your doors more secure is to invest in stronger materials. Garage doors can be made of many things—aluminum, wood, etc—and their mechanics can be simple and easy to break, or stronger.

Whatever you choose to do for your garage door security upgrade, call us at Overhead Door and Fence. We can help you choose and install for you, and offer you all the repair assistance you need.



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