Are Steel Garage Doors a Good Choice?

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steel-raised-panel-garage-doorsSteel garage doors are durable and effective at helping to keep sound and unconditioned air out of your garage space. Steel garage doors also need minimal maintenance. If you are considering steel garage doors, however, you may be concerned about whether they will look too industrial for a residential space.

The reality is, steel garage doors can look beautiful. You can choose steel garage doors that have a raised panel look so the doors resemble a classic wood garage door. You can also choose steel carriage house doors if you want the look of an old-world carriage garage in order to match the architecture of your house.

Steel garage doors can be painted in a wide variety of colors to match the look of your home and can also be made to look like wood garage doors but without the maintenance and hassle that is associated with real wood doors.

Abstract Door has a vast selection of steel doors, including steel foam in place garage doors. Check out the different options for how attractive a functional, durable, and low-maintenance steel garage door can be and then give us a call to get your door ordered today.

Author: Rob Doughty

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