3 Common Reasons Garage Doors Stop Working

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Is there anything more frustrating than a garage door that won’t work properly? Not only is a garage door that has stopped working a hassle to deal with, but it could also pose safety issues for your home, possibly allowing intruders easy access into your home.

As garage door repair technicians, we’ve dealt with just about every possible issue you can think of when it comes to working on garage doors. With that in mind, we’ve identified some common problems that can keep garage doors from working.

  1. Photo eye misalignment—On each side of your garage door is a photo eye. An invisible beam goes between the two eyes, and when that beam is broken, it keeps the garage door from closing. This is an important safety feature. However, when those beams get misaligned or dirty, that can stop the garage door from closing. So, if your door won’t close, start by checking these photo eyes.Residential-Garage-Doors
  2. The track isn’t aligned—Your garage door runs along a metal track as it goes up and down. Over time, these tracks can get out of alignment, positing a serious issue. If the track gets too misaligned, it could become a serious safety problem. This is one of those problems you need to call a garage door repair service to fix.
  3. Broken spring—For a heavy garage door to go up, it needs torsion springs to help lift it. If a spring gets broken, the garage door opener might not be able to lift the weight of the door. Springs can be incredibly dangerous to work with, so it’s advisable to contact a garage door repair technician for this job.

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Author: Rob Doughty

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