Wood Garage Doors

wood-doors A description of any wood door must start with the need for maintenance. Protection from moisture before installation by finishing with a good quality primer, paint or stain is critical to the life of any exterior wood product. That being said, no other door material offers the size and design flexibility, the sharp detail, the ability to cut and fit according to job conditions, or the look and feel of wood.

Flat Panel

Flat (or recessed) Panel doors provide an economical choice, while offering the most flexibility in design and size options. The standard model is made with hardboard panels and finger-jointed millwork, but plywood panels and clear rails are two available options. Doors are factory primed.

Cladwood Panel

The Cladwood Raised Panel door features the same millwork and construction of the flat panel door, but uses a durable, weatherproof raised panel. The panels are constructed of medium density particle board covered with a fiber overlay. Door sizes are limited because of the molds required for the panels.

Cedar Raised Panel

The Cedar Raised Panel door offers the beauty of ¾” thick cedar raised panels and clear and fine grade West Coast millwork. Panels are edge-glued vertical grain cedar, and the heavy duty rails and stiles are clear hemlock. Design and size flexibility are basically unlimited.

Flush Rough Sawn

The Flush Roughsawn door is made with an 1/8″ thick high quality compressed hardboard skin with deep wood-grain pattern glued to an internal wood frame and a 1-1/8″ thick polystyrene core. This door is an economical option with good insulating qualities, odd size availability, and a very plain face that lends itself to custom overlay application. These features have kept this door popular for many years.