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A Garage Worthy of Holidays

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You know your garage as the place in which you park your car. You may also use it as a tool shed, storage space, or work site. Have you ever considered using it as extra space for holiday celebrations? A home garage is capable of more than you may realize. With a clean, organized space, good insulation, and a beautiful, fully-functioning door, you can have a garage worthy of holidays….

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Choosing Your Fence

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You probably have an idea of the common fencing types; you have seen them everywhere. There are wooden fences, metal and chain link fences, and more. You also may know what you don’t want, but are still trying to figure out what’s best for your yard. There are questions to be answered, such as: Will it last? Does it require a lot of care? Is it affordable? Wood Wooden fences…

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Fence Repair this Spring

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Fences are functional things. They divide property, keep pets in and other critters out, and more. You want them to be sturdy for this reason, but nice-looking because they’re something you and your neighbors have to see every day. Spring is here and summer will soon follow. People are out of doors more often, now, taking advantage of the sun and weather. Summer holidays will call for family gatherings and…

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Security and Storefront Doors

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We are all familiar with storefront doors. There are a wide variety, and though we may not realize it, their use and look affect a store’s general appeal. They should act as an easy-to-use and inviting entrance, and offer sufficient security for a business. Selecting the best storefront door for your store or other business is not a frivolous task. These doors are not average front doors. They are made…

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Why do Garage Door Springs Break?

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A garage door has a lot of components and a lot of moving parts. Over time, these parts wear out with daily use. One of these garage door parts that can wear down over time is the torsion springs. Every time the garage door opens and closes, the torsion springs in your garage get a workout. Multiply this times a few thousand cycles of opening and closing your garage door,…

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What to Look for when Choosing a Garage Door Company

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Buying a garage door is a major investment. Not only can new garage doors cost a decent amount of money, but the style and quality of the doors you choose can affect the value of your home. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you buy your garage doors from a reputable company you can trust to help you get the best return on this significant investment. What should…

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Does Your Garage Door Need to be Repaired?

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Every morning, you open your garage door, back your car out, close the garage door, and head out for the day. When you come back, you open the garage door, park the car, close the garage door, and head inside. You repeat this drill several times a day, every day. You do it so often that you probably don’t even notice your garage door any more. So maybe you haven’t…

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